I Miss My Macko

I weep for you every day;

My eyes with grief are swollen.

I yearn to change the heavy truth upon me that has fallen.

Some say time can ease my pain;

Some say time will bring me peace.

My heartbreak belies the promise, though, of any such release.

Your joyful soul to me endeared you;

Much good humor and laughter you shared.

And I am a better person, because for you I cared.

Cherished memories of your good life;

Keep pace with my sense of loss so deep.

Our time in life may be past, but your spirit forever I keep.

One thought on “I Miss My Macko

  1. I still can’t believe Mack is gone. Everyday I still check facebook to see if she has posted any other pictures of her in Spain. I miss you like crazy Mack. Your the reason I love jeeps so much and even have one now. I will always remember you forever.

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